What Kind Of Peppers Come In Papa Johns

In this episode of Off the Eaten Path host Wil Fulton dives into one of the greatest chain-pizza mysteries of all time. What kind of pepper comes in a Papa Johns pizza box.

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The type of pepper is called a pepperoncini also known as banana peppers or Tuscan peppers.

What kind of peppers come in papa johns. It was just a nice extra touch. Then suppose a non-newbie boxed up the pizza. Haha didnt see the in the box part thought he meant the ones actually on the pizza Edited on July 19 2008 at 558 PM.

See the thing is for every order of extra peppers we add in the computer that actually equals four peppers that go in the box. It is a throw-in that that has evolved into a fan favorite. So if someone on the phone was new and didnt realize this then say a customer asked for ten extra peppers.

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When I order Papa Johns pizza here I get jalapeÃÃÂo peppers inside the box. Initially when Papa John began his expansion in the late 90s from a few hundred. Jwb9984 All American 14039 Posts user info edit post.

Muldoon estimates that about 25 percent of the peppers that come out of Turkey are used in a Papa John pizza box. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. The true pepperoncini is more wrinkled with bends and pocks.

I used to work at Papa Johns. When I order Papa Johns pizza here I get jalapeño peppers inside the box. Prolly cause its the type of pepper you are talking about.

Pepperoncini banana pepper sweet italian pepper. Approximately 2-to-3 inches in length with a mild spice level the yellow-green pepperoncini is Papa Johns trademark pro-bono garnish. One of the unique features Papa Johns has had from the start is their pepperoncinis.

The addition of the mildly spicy Italian green pepper is no mistake and can be found inside every single box of Papa Johns pizza. Ask question 100. The look alike is called a banana pepper because it resembles a banana Banana peppers also have pointier ends and have thicker skin.

I work at papa johns. Why does every Papa Johns pizza c. Does anyone actually eat the pepper that come inside a Papa Johns Pizza box.

They are the pepperoncinis. You can always find one of these pickly green peppers inside of every one of their pizza boxes. Papa John PeppersOlive Garden Peppers I found at the Dollar Tree for 100 A JAR.

If youve ever ordered pizza from Papa Johns you may have noticed the little extra ingredient that comes in every box. Muldoon estimates that about 25 of Turkeys entire pepperoncini crop where the chain sources its peppers goes to. They are similar to serrano peppers but are larger and more spicy.

According to Sean Muldoon Papa Johns Chief Ingredient Officer a staple at Rockys was to garnish every pizza the restaurant sold with a pepperoncini pepper. They are picked in a 12 oz jar I believe with about 10 to 12 peppers per jar. 7192008 55624 PM.

Ndmetcal All American 9012 Posts user info edit post. Report 0 0 earlier. Sliced banana peppers water vinegar salt calcium chloride a salt maintains crispness sodium benzoate maintains freshness and sodium metabisulfite a salt maintains freshness natural flavor turmeric polysorbate 80 preserves freshness of peppers.

Ive only seen them pickled in a jar never fresh at the market so dont know if they would grow in your garden but good luck. Nowadays Papa Johns uses thousands of the small green peppers every year. There are actually 2 look-alike peppers that people call pepperoncini but which are slightly different.

The newbie would add ten extra peppers. Sun of Italy brand has really good pepperoncini and is available in most grocery store chains. Water sugar brown sugar tomato paste vinegar salt food starch-modified used to thicken sauces chili pepper cumin chipotle pepper oregano chili pepper mustard flour garlic spices.

Gotta love the pepperocini even if i dont like papa johns 02-18-2008 0308 PM 12.

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