How Big Is Little John Sandwich

Saturday February 13 2021. Instead of the typical sub Little Johns are described as skinny and mini The smaller size comes with a smaller price tag — one Little John will set you back just three bucks.

Jimmy John S New Little John Size Is My Jam 300 Calories For This Lunch 1200isplenty

For reference purposes heres the nutritional information of a Little John BLT sandwich.

How big is little john sandwich. The Little John is a Skinny Mini Version of ANY Original Sandwich It is about the size of a large break stick just perfect. This new addition fits within the Jimmy Johns philosophy. Its just that visually it seems so small.

160 calories from fat. The mini sandwiches range from 240 to 340 calories and are a permanent addition to the menu at participating Jimmy Johns locations nationwide. 680 milligrams of sodium.

The same spokesperson later clarified the Little Johns are in fact 65 inches. There are 240 calories in a Little John 4 from Jimmy Johns. According to a press release everything customers love about a Jimmy Johns sandwich can be found in the all-new 3 Little John Jimmy Johns new 3 Little John is available at participating locations nationwide as a permanent menu item.

See the size in my hand. 45 grams of saturated fat. Available in any of the seven original sandwiches this smaller version is just 3.

Little John BLT Nutrition Facts. Its called the Little John– you know like Robin Hoods right hand man — but in Jimmy Johns sandwich form. Jimmy Johns Little John 4 Nutrition Facts.

The new sandwiches are a skinny mini version of their original sandwiches coming in at 65 inches instead of the usual 8. Jimmy Johns is adding a low-calorie sandwich a 3 option called the Little John to menus nationwide. Lil Jon has made quite a career.

Due to these differences you can consider Jimmy Johns prices to be competitive with the rest of the sub sandwich industry however it is hard to compare them head-to-head. Most of those calories come from fat 38 and carbohydrates 41. Made the same Freaky Fresh way as all Jimmy Johns sandwiches every 65-inch Little John features all-natural meats and hand-sliced veggies on fresh-baked bread.

Jimmy Johns is different from the rest in that they only offer cold sub sandwiches and only one size 8 inches. How big is the Little John. The launch of the 3 Little John punctuates a busy year for the sandwich chain after having doubled-down on its commitment to never authorize third-party delivery services to deliver its.

Below are the nutrition facts and Weight Watchers points for Little John 4 from Jimmy Johns Sandwiches. Unlike the Originals you can only get the Little John on French bread. A spokesperson for Jimmy Johns says the Little Johns are roughly half the size of an original sandwich putting them at roughly four inches.

The Little John was filling. The seven Little John options include. To support the launch they hired recording artist Lil Jon to help push the.

3 Little John featuring rapper Lil Jon The 3 Little John is available at participating locations nationwide as part of the sandwich chains permanent menu. The Little John is a scaled-down version of any of the seven sandwiches in Jimmy Johns original lineup including the Vito the Veggie and of course the Big John. While you might want to call it cute it definitely delivers everything that fans have come to expect from the sandwich company.

The Little John is a skinny mini version of the brands Original sandwiches for just 3 at participating locations. Jimmy Johns Jimmy Johns hired Lil Jon to promote a new smaller sandwich called the Little John in what appears to be one of the most obvious celebrity endorsements of all time. 24 grams of carbs.

I can tell you Ive tried one. Its called the Little John — you know like Robin Hoods right hand man — but in Jimmy Johns sandwich form. How big is the Little John.

16 grams of fat. Jimmy Johns Little John 4 Calories. The sandwich is billed as a skinny mini version because of its smaller size.

But Id buy it again. Heres an idea how big the Jimmy Johns little John is comparable to my pen. Hungry for more food deals.

This sandwich is a small version of its original sandwiches. Unlike Subways recent sliders each Little John includes the same combination of meats veggies and condiments as their bigger counterparts. It is GREAT for kids or for those who dont want one of on of Jimmy Johns bigger sandwiches like me most of the time.

Instead of the typical sub Little Johns are described as skinny and mini The.

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