Glasses And Cups Should Be Stored Upside Down

Storing things upside-down keep the inside a bit cleaner. They also get used fairly frequently and are durable enough so I have no rationale for this.

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If its working for you though its fine to keep them this way.

Glasses and cups should be stored upside down. The second reason is that I have a tendency to put cups away while theyre still wet. I use a mat similar to those seen in bars that allows air to get into the inside though. Rollerballs and ballpoints are best if they are stored upright so they dont leak or get gummy at the point.

Drinking glasses that get used frequently are stored right-side up. Store glasses and cups upside-down so that they dry properly and dust does not accumulate inside. Felt tip pens like whiteboard markers Sharpies Microns and highlighters are best stored with the tip down.

For better storage choose an even flat shelf or a rack. Such actions will prevent the vessels from cracks and breaks and the cups will remain clean longer. If the item is damp and you store it upside down it could stick to the surface and bacteria can grow.

This prevents soap odors from forming inside the. Make sure that the surface they are situated on is also clean and sanitized. Not only is the rim the weakest point in a glass storing a glass upsidedown — particularly right after youve cleaned it — will give all your drinks a terrible funky smell to them.

Glasses and cups must be stored upside down on a clean and sanitized shelf or rack. One of us thinks. Do not let your fingers touch parts of the dishes that people will drink or eat out of.

Upside down for sure some might not get used as often just due to whatever people grab so I dont want anything in them and I always make sure theyre fully dry before I put them away. Unless you store your used ashtrays along with your dust and bunny collection in your cupboards dust shouldnt be a serious issue. When handling dishes be on the lookout for dried-on bits of food or lipstick stains.

The first echoes the other answers in that this keeps them cleaner in long storage. For sanitary reasons the hotels I worked in instructed us to store glassescups upright unless being set on mesh or another liner that allows air to circulate. Personally I prefer to store cups upside down for two reasons.

All other everyday glasses are fine either way. As most glasses are used every day. Subsequently question is should pens be stored.

Mugs and cups must always be stored upside down. Being the argumentative types in TheJournalie HQ it sparked a new row about how we store the waredelphcrockery theres another row in the making that goes on the shelves. The rim is the most delicate part of the glass so brittle crystal is best stored with the rim up.

There is little chance of trapped moisture causing mould etc. There are good arguments to be made for both methods of storing glasses but the technically correct way which has nothing to do with a clean versus dirty proposition is that glasses should be. Dust inside or rims touching a less than pristine surface.

Things like wine glasses and stemwear should not be stored upside down and those that are used more when guests come over as opposed to daily use get washed before guests arrive anyway. Store your glasses upside down. Do glasses dry faster upside down.

Those that are used not so often are stored rims down. Luckily there are only two choices. I think its to prevent dust settling in them although it seems like a toss-up.

Placing the cups and glasses upside down comes from the desire to keep dust out. It keeps the ink in contact with the fiberfelt tip so that it does not dry out. I would say cups that are kind of a heavy duty plastic type of material like what you use for outside you can store anyway you wish.

Upside down they drain and dry better. Bars and restaurants store glasses upside down to keep them clean from splashes of drinkfood while in racks in the busy production areas. Glasses and cups must be stored upside down on a clean and sanitized shelf or rack.

Also I found that with the shitty paint in our kitchen I had to put some paper towels down to put the glasses on or else theyd stick to the paint slightly bleh. The rim is the most delicate part of the glass so its best to store delicate crystal with the rim up so theres less weight on it she says. Upside down keeps dust and dirt from getting inside them.

Cheap Ikea wineglasses get stored upside down. It isnt essential if the cabinet is airtight and technically both cups and glasses should be kept rim-side up because the drinking edges are the most delicate part of them. Most everyday glasses should be fine to store upright though.

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