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Starting next week, along with the Mommy Monday blog, Sophie (my best friend and co-conspirator) will be posting a review of Showtime’s The L Word. Please stop by every Monday and show her some love, and by love I mean leave comments and engage in conversation about the hit drama entering its final season.

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The L Word: Left Field

When I heard there was a murder on the final season of The L Word, I have to admit I thought it was a stretch. I thought they were closing the show on a jumped shark. But then I watched the 10 minute teaser, Who Killed Jenny Schecter?, and realized that I could buy it. Killing the character who brought us into this world of femme fatales, transsexual friends, dueling club owners, and provided an intimate look into the lives of lesbians could work.

Who Killed Me?

Who Killed Me?

When Jenny (Mia Kirshner) stepped on the scene, all doe-eyed and innocent, she knew nothing of this world and neither did most of the viewers. The extent of my experience with lesbians was 1) my best friend thinking I was one because I kept my (hetero)sexual encounters close to the vest and 2) the aforementioned best friend’s brief but stalkerish friendship with a lesbian porn star.

Over the next five seasons, I watched Jenny learn the ropes, deal with her troubled past, write a novel, direct a movie, betray friends, fall in love, and piss off quite a few people along the way. Jenny’s is a cautionary tale; don’t move cross country to be with your corn-fed boyfriend, cheat on him with one of his lesbian acquaintances, and let him walk in on you two legs akimbo. And maybe it’s not such a good idea to let your ego blow up to the size of a West Hollywood coffee shop and alienate your friends.

The Real Jenny

The Real Jenny

Who Killed Jenny Schecter? included scenes from the upcoming season, as well as interviews from the producer/writer and actors and their take on Jenny’s death. Katherine Moening, who plays Shane McCutcheon, says, “I can’t foresee anybody killing anybody on this show, but there is that twist to it now.” Looks like I wasn’t the only skeptic.

We’ve got suspects, we’ve got suspects! Suspects include, but are not limited to, Jenny’s circle of friends: Bette, Tina, Shane, Alice, Helena, Max, and Niki. That Jenny may have been killed by one of her friends is a horse of a pill for me to swallow, but I’m willing to play along. From the few scenes they showed of the upcoming season, it looks like Jenny is out of control, and I mean, more than usual. Whatever Jenny does, would it really push one of her friends to murder?

The last we saw of Jenny, it seemed as though she should be the one doing the killing after walking in on Shane sticking it to Jenny’s love, Niki (Kate French). It’s going to be interesting to see how it all plays out and how she went from jilted lover and betrayed friend to… dead.

I have my theory as to how she died, but I’ll sit on it for now. If you think you know, post it here or cast your vote at:

Let’s face it; Jenny was a hot ass mess. But she will be missed.

The L Word premieres Sunday, January 18th at 9pm on Showtime.

If you want to catch the teaser, Who Killed Jenny Schecter?, it airs on the following dates and times:

Jan 12 – 11:05pm

Jan 16 – 2:35 am

Jan 16 – 10:50pm

Jan 17 – 1:50am

It’s also available on Showtime On Demand.